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123outsource.net Specialties
We currently have 13 categories on our website for services rendered, but within these categories are multiple specialties.

BPO India - Information about the BPO Industry in India
India BPO, South Africa BPO, Philippines BPO, Indonesia BPO - where are the companies located?
India is the leader of the BPO industry worldwide, although many other countries are getting in on this powerful new economic trend. Although Indian BPO's are famous and highly sought after, there are actually a comparable amount of BPO companies in Africa, particularly South Africa BPO's. The Philippines and Indonesia have a strong call center and web design industry also, which falls under the category of BPO as well. The higher skilled outsourcing work falls into the category of KPO and LPO, but general back office and call center support is considered BPO work.

BPO, KPO, LPO Outsourcing
Business process outsourcing, commonly refered to as BPO is a segment of the outsourcing industry that involves the outsourcing of back office tasks of many varieties. Common BPO tasks involve call center (contact centre) work, HR, accounting, bookkeeping, finance, and data entry. Transcriptions are another huge source of BPO work these days too. There is legal transcription, business document transcription, and of course medical transcription work to be done.

Call Center Information
What do call centers do?
A call center is a facility that handles a large volume of inbound or outbound calls for a particular company or a number of companies. Call center agents manage a call center's calls. Large businesses normally have some type of call center setup. The British spelling is "Call Centre", and Indians typically use this type of spelling as well. Call centers normally handle not only telemarketing and tech support, but live chat, and email support. Each agent will get a computer, and perhaps a cubicle or work station to work at.

Data Entry Jobs / Projects faq
Find out where you can find data entry jobs, medical billing jobs, and work from home. There are two pages of interesting resource materials in this section. Find out what data entry pays, what the level of demand is, and more!

Data Entry Outsourcing Glossary & Terms
Read all about several dozen terms pertinent to the data entry field. Read about audio transcriptioning, check processing, data capture, data cleansing, data conversion, data processing, document conversion, and more...

Medical Transcriptions Information
Read a detailed definition for the term Medical Transcription, and learn about the various types of old and new technology used in that field including voice recognition. Find out what type of education and skills are needed in this industry.

Medical Billing General Information
Medical billing and coding is the procedure of following up on claims to insurance companies for the purpose of collecting payments for services provided by a healthcare provider....

Other Outsourcing Sites
There are several prominent sites that offer directories and other information about outsourcing. Learn which sites cater to your needs at a glance.

Outsourcing to India
General information about outsourcing to India. The pros and cons of outsourcing to India, and general information about what to expect during visits to India.

SEM- Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Marketing, also referred to as SEM is a complicated and misunderstood subject. For a site to get traffic, it needs to get good placement on search engines. Without incoming links, no matter how good your site is, you will not get good placement on search engines.

Software Information Read basic explanations of what software applications, database applications, programming languages, system software, and testware are about. Learn what types of software outsourcing are common.

Social Media
Social media is a fast growing segment of the internet marketing world. It changes dynamically, and keeping up with the changes could become life or death for an internet enterprise. Anyone who is serious about e-business or search engine marketing needs to become acutely knowledgable about social media.

SEO and web marketing
SEO and internet marketing are a mystery for many, but there are certain principles to understand that will unravel the mystery fast. Learn how to hire companies who offer a clear optimization plan and no gimmicks.

Web Design Applications
Learn how to build a beautiful home page, navigation bar, add amazing pictures, and more. We have ideas for what to do if you are on a budget too. Learn about flash animation, forms and banners as well!

Web Design Information
Learn about the field of Web Design which includes design of logos, flash, text, and managing web content to a certain degree too. Social media, and SEO are also related to Web Design. Find out what these fields involve!

Country Profiles

India Outsourcing Information
General information about outsourcing in India. Find basic information about data entry in India, advertising with us, and easy database queries for companies of all professions and categories in India.

Philippines Outsourcing Information

China Outsourcing Information