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Web Design - Definition
Web Design is a general term that's scope includes graphic design work, logos, flash animation, text on internet sites, and web content in general. Web Design can also include information architecture such as navigation systems, page layout, conceptual design, and branding.

Purpose The purpose of web design is to make a web site look appealing. Web design can take a very long time and be very expensive, especially if it is high end. Refining design work and getting all of the details right is a grueling process that is only fit for the most patient and talented individuals.

Internet jobs
There are various types of overlapping job titles and disciplines within the web design world. Content writers or copywriters are individuals who specialize in creating wording for pages. These pages should not only be informative, but stress particular keywords necessary for an optimizing strategy. Web developers are simply people who specialize in having sites built which encompases design, content, structure, and often database as well which is highly complicated. Web programmers can easily be lumped together with other IT or software providers. They are involved with any web processes that involve programming which include automated forms, databases, as well as the creation of new pages and templates. Social Media consultants specialize in networking mediums such as Twitter, Facebook, Forums, Blogs, etc., and their work helps to compliment the work of SEO consultants. SEO experts help a site to rank well on search engine by optimizing the pages and structure of the site. Page names, links, keywords on pages, length of pages, metatitles, headers, etc., are all part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Unfortunately, one individual will not be good at all of these tasks that are related to web design. If its design you are after, hire a good designer, or good design company. It might be necessary to find your marketing and optimization help at a different company in many cases.

What Does Web Design Involve?
Web designers work with images, jpgs, gif files, flash animation, page layout, and also know simple internet programming languages such as HTML and XML. Designers generally do not know much about SQL, Access, or database languages as those tasks are normally left to programming. Web programmers typically work side by side with designers at web design companies. For dynamic page creation, designers or programmers often use PHP and ASP, and for client side scripting, JavaScript is often used.

How Do I Pick a Company?
See the company's portfolio. Don't base your decision on a portfolio, because companies only show their best work, and there is no way to prove its really theirs. Interview the boss and designers in person to get a sense for who they are and if you want to work with them. Try them out on a small project to test them out and see how good they really are.

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