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Welcome to the 123outsource.net Filipino Call Center Directory. Find a call center anywhere in the Philippines. Search by metro or search the whole country. We have call centers aboard with a variety of specialties including: inbound, outbound, telemarketing, chat, email, call center set up, and phone technology and VoIP technology for call centers. If you manage a Filipino call center, please contact us so we can offer you a free or paid listing on our directory.

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Filipino Call Centers
Most of the Filipino call centers on our directory are in the Manila area which includes the satellite cities of Quezon City, and Makati City which are business districts of the Manila metro. Cebu is far from Manila on an island and Cebu call centers are also in great number and very popular. Filipinos speak excellent English and have a great cultural affinity with the U.S. which is why their total share of the global call center industry is growing and they are about to surpass India as a leader in call center revenue. Indian and Filipino Call Centers are both grossing almost six billion per year in call center revenues which is very impressive.

Manila Call Centers
Just click on Manila and you can find a wide selection of Manila Call centers in the greater Manila area including Quezon City and Makati City.

Call Centers in other areas
If you don't find a call center that is to your liking, we have many other call centers throughout the world including Costa Rica, Russia, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, and India which is the most popular location where businesses look for call centers. Try our India call center page for a wide variety of additional results.