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  BPO India

India BPO, South Africa BPO, Philippines BPO, Indonesia BPO - where are the companies located?
India is the leader of the BPO industry worldwide, although many other countries are getting in on this powerful new economic trend. Although Indian BPO's are famous and highly sought after, there are actually a comparable amount of BPO companies in Africa, particularly South Africa BPO's. The Philippines and Indonesia have a strong call center and web design industry also, which falls under the category of BPO as well. The higher skilled outsourcing work falls into the category of KPO and LPO, but general back office and call center support is considered BPO work.

Bangalore BPO, Mumbai BPO, Delhi BPO - which parts of India are BPO companies most prevalent?
The BPO phenominon spans all throughout India with cities you never heard of. The trend is most common in the big metros, especially Bangalore and Mumbai. But Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chennai, and many other parts of India have thriving BPO industries too. Each part of India seems to have a tendency to learn towards particular industries. Mumbai is the economic hub of India and is more business oriented. Chennai & Hyderabad are more technically focused. Delhi is more political and legally oriented. While Bangalore seems to be the most multi-faced and balanced part of the country with high skilled jobs of all descriptions in plentiful amounts.

Bangalore BPO profiles
Our listings for Bangalore BPO companies include a wide range of specialties. Data entry, call center, web design, SEO, back office support, human resources, not to mention the various KPO specialties like accounting, market research, and legal specialties. If you run a Bangalore BPO, please contact us to get a free or paid listing on our directory!

Mumbai BPO profiles
Some of our Mumbai BPO listings have specialties including: Client billing, call center services, customer support, sales & support, back office, healthcare, and research. If you run a Mumbai BPO company, please contact us to get a free or paid listing.

Delhi BPO profiles
Some of our Delhi BPO listings have specialties like: Client billing, collections, vertical market research, vertical processes, back office, HR, IT, and turnkey BPO services.

Browse our India BPO listings and see what you find. Each company is different and will give you a different experience. India is a place where BPO work seems to get done a lot faster than it gets done by overly busy and bogged down American companies that are short staffed and have rigid schedules.