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  Philippines Outsourcing Information

Welcome to the 123outsource.net Philippines page, where you can find Filipino outsourcing information. Find outsourcing companies in any of the categories listed below. There are companies in other categories not listed below, so just visit our home page to find those other categories. We are only listing categories where there are large quantities of service providers.

Call Centers
Medical Transcriptions
Web Design

Outsourcing Call Center and Contact Center work to the Philippines
The Philippines is the world leader in call center outsourcing due to the high quality of their language and personal skills. In 2010, the Philippines out ran India as the world leader in Call Center (call centre) outsourcing with total revenues close to six billion dollars annually. Please read our blog article entitled Phillippines Overtakes India at http://blog.123outsource.net/tag/filipino-call-centers/ There are international call centers with many types of specialties including inbound, outbound, telemarketing, customer service, technical support, and more!

Outsourcing Medical Transcriptions in the Philippines
Filipino Medical Transcriptioning is the Philippines second largest outsourcing industry. Although, Medical billing is done more by India. We have a wide variety of selection for medical transcription companies in the Philippines.

Web Design
The Philippines also has many web design companies. However, on ourdirectory, Argentina has the largest quantity of high quality web design companies. Please browse through the listings for web designers, so you can find a company that is right for you.

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Call Centers
Medical Transcriptions

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