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  Outsourcing to India
  Outsourcing to India has become such a growing trend, that India is some what of a sibling country to the U.S.A. Anywhere affluent place you go in India, you will meet people who used to work in America, have a family member working in America, or work at a BPO that does business America or Europe.

There is no mystery or anything unimaginably difficult about outsourcing to India. Hiring a company to do tasks for you anywhere has the same issues. You have to make sure that the people at the company you hire are trustworthy, competent and dependable. Its recommended that you hand pick your outsourcing company and hand pick each individual at that company who will be working for you. Get to know everybody, and be involved in their work. That way you will know what their talents are, and you'll be first to know if anything goes wrong.

To start off, its beneficial to communicate with ten to twenty qualified companies. Pick one who seems like the best match for working with and try them out with a small assignment. This way you can learn what their style of managing work is. You will learn if they are fast, slow, artistic, good or bad at following directions, and good or bad at following through / communicating.

The benefits of outsourcing are numerous. It seems that if outsourcing is done in an attentive way, that where would not be any negative issues specifically attributable to outsourcing other than some minor inconveniences and slightly more time necessary to oversee each project..

Here is some information about the pros and cons of outsourcing to India:
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