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We currently have 13 categories on our website for services rendered, but within these categories are multiple specialties.

Social Media
This is a specialty commonly found in our marketing section and web design section. Our marketing section has traditional marketers and internet marketers. Since social media is the newest hot tool in web marketing, it is a common skill amoung web marketers.

Human Resources
Our general business section has many companies who include Human Resources as one of their specialties

General, Business, and Legal Transcriptions
You might find these in the general business section, or medical transcription sections. Check both categories. Firms typically have six or more specialties, but we only put them in one category, so check around and use the CTRL-F function to find these specialties that you are looking form.

SEO / Search Engine Optimization
You can find SEO experts in the marketing and the web design sections

Call Center Training
Find trainers in the call center section. There are only a few of them, but you can find them.