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  123outsource.net Glossary of Data Entry Terms

Query www.123outsource.net to find the following services on our outsourcing directory.Most of the services listed below fall into our data entry or BPO categories.

Audio Transcriptioning
Audio transcriptioning involves manually converting an audio file into a word or printable file. There are various types of transcriptions in practice today: Video, Medical, Legal, Business.....

Business Transcription
Business transcription involves creating a word file out of a conference, speech, interview, board meeting, or any other type of audio file. Translation services are another service that fall into ...

CAD Conversion
Computer aided design conversion services. Conversion of scanned and hard copy drawings into accurate and editable CAD drafted versions.

Check Processing
Conventional check processing involves check processing machines which imprint signatures, print dollar amounts, and apply endorsement stamps, plus include security measures to protect ...

Clerical transcription
A type of data entry where forms faxed or mailed to the data entry clerk, and then enter the data into a particular formula.

Data Analysis
A focus on the highly specialized and highly accurate algorithmic derivations and statistical calculations that are less commonly observed in the typical business environment. Computer ...

Data Capture
Manual data capture and automated capture are two types of data capture. Electronic data capture (EDC) is a computerized system designed to collect clinical data in electronic format for use in ...

Data Cleansing
Data scrubbing or data cleansing is the act of detecting or correcting data records. Corrupted or inaccurate records can be removed from a table, set, or database when engaged in data cleansing.

Data Conversion
Data conversion is the converstion of computerized data from one format to another. The target database should have the same structrue as the initial database, otherwise information will be ...

Data Entry
Outsourcing Data Entry. See our data entry search results where you can find hundreds of data entry companies in India and throughout the rest of the world. Companies have a wide variety of specialties.

Data Entry at home!
Here is a list of companies who can help you get data entry jobs at home. Find companies that offer a wide variety of services and learn good techniques for interviewing with these companies. Don't get fooled by scams and stay alert!

Data Entry Clerk / Keyer
A Data Entry Clerk can also be refered to as a data entry keyer. The responsibilities of a data entry clerk are to key in data, or to transcribe data that could be coming in from a ...

Data Entry Definition
Data Entry is the process of transcribing data into another format which is generally a computer database. Forms typically transcribed include handwritten documents, spreadsheets ...

Data Entry - Future
The future of data entry seems to be that the industry will shrink slightly due to advances in technology. Additionally, due to outsourcing, many of the data entry jobs remaining will ...

Data Mining
Data mining is the process of extracting patterns from large sets of data using statistics and artificial intelligence and integrating those disciplines with database management. Before data ...

Data Processing
Computer data processing is a process that uses a computer program to enter data and summerize, analyze, or convert data into usable information. The process of converting raw ...

Data Validation
The process of verifying that data entered into a database is correct, and secure. Generally, a variety of check routines are used for this process. One example of data validation is ...

Document Conversion
Document conversion is the process of converting one document's format to another format, which allows the document to be read in many more applications.

e-Book publishing
e-Book publishing and e-Publishing refer to methods of publishing using websites. Some e-Publishing uses a passwordprotected area in a site -- a member's area that customers ...

Financial Processing
Financial processing involves credit card transactions, online check transactions, or any other process that involves a movement of money.

Forms Filing
A data entry firm can help you fill out forms using data that is handwritten, or in anther format. Forms filling is a standard part of the data entry profession.

Forms Processing
Forms processing is more or less basic data entry. Data entry clerks or keyers can enter data into an online database, offline database, or into any desired format in any particular medium.

Forms Processing Services
Using data from various sources, forms in particular formats can be filled in by a data entry clerk.

Image Processing
Any work involving the formatting, editing, or changing the type of file for an image, can be considered a form of image processing. Image editing, enlargement, touch ups, masking ...

Insurance Claims Processings
Insurance claims are processed by adjusters and supported by records management and data entry clerks. A form of risk management mostly used to hedge against the risk of ...

IT services
Data Entry companies often also offer IT services that may or may not directly relate to their data entry work.Database construction and management would be a good example of IT service ...

Legal Transcription
This type of data entry usually requires experience, and there is a very low tolerance for error.

Medical Billing
Please see our Medical Billing Page. See our Medical Billing search results page, where you can find Medical Billing companies in India and in many other countries as well. Companies have a wide variety of specialties including billing and transcriptions.

Medical Transcription
This type of data entry has its own category on 123outsource.net. The tolerance for error is very low, so work must be almost perfect every time.

Online Data
A way of storing data online using servers rather than using a hard drive, disc, or tape backup. Its common to use online data storage as well as having a physical back up for sensitive ...

Payroll Processing
Payroll processing is the most common accounting service outsourced to India. Although Indian accounting outsourcers do forecasting, budgets, and audits, bookkeeping and payroll services ...

PDF Conversion
It is common to convert PDF files into word, excel, powerpoint, or image file format. There are computer programs that can do the conversion.

Phone Transcription
Phone transcription is a type of data entry where you take information over the phone via phone calls. Phone transcriptions are a much more highly skilled type of data entry work. Regula ...

Survey Processing
There are many components of survey processing. There is a survey setup process, survey design, online or over-the-phone gathering of data, scanning hand written results (if any), ...

Voice Transcription
The act of converting spoken words to text. This is usually done using a tape recording in some format. Voice transcription is a common responsibility of data entry staff members.

Video Transcriptioning
The act of manually typing in the verbiage from a video is a form of video transcriptioning. The process is not much different than audio transcriptioning.

Word Formatting
Word formatting involves the creation and refinement of word documents to meet particular parameters and formatting needs. An employee who does word formatting should be very ...

Word Processors
Those who type documents, reports, and mailing labels. A word processor could be a computer program that processes words, or a human being who engages in .....

These are types of internet coding languages. Sites often need to change their programming for various reasons, and code needs to be converted into a variety of languages. Its common for d ...