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  Data Conversion

Data conversion is the converstion of computerized data from one format to another. The target database should have the same structure as the initial database, otherwise information will be lost. Text files can be converted into different systems, and images can also be converted among other types of data.

Data conversion is normally used for small projects involving a single file, or many single files done one by one. For larger databases, to transfer data in an automated way can be complicated as each database will need parallel fields with parallel formats. It can be hair-raising to do such a transfer with a large database. You have to make sure that the old information is still there, and that the new information got transfered correctly, and in its entirety.

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On computers these days, you have the choice to view a file in a number of different browsers. Google documents, PDF, and Notepad are such browsers. Google has taken many steps to make life easier for those who don't have the software to view certain files. Additionally, many of us have older versions of browsers, but don't have the new version which makes it impossible to see certain types of files.