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  Business Transcription

There are various types of transcriptions and various types of business transcription. Medical, academic, legal, audio, and data entry are various common types of transcriptions. However, business transcription could include conference transcription, interview transcription, seminar transcription, , and verbatim transcription.

The basic concept behind any type of transcription is that you take content from a particular medium, and transform it into a typed document (word document), or enter it into a database. The content could be a phone conversation, taped conversation, a dictation, or even something on television.

Conference transcription could involve transcribing the dialogue in a conference into a printable document. But, there is more than one way to transcribe unrehearsed oral speech. You could include all of the "hmms", "ahms", and "errs", the clearing of throats, or omit them. There are machines with voice recognition that can produce a text document from an audio recording.

Interview transcription is more or less similar to conference transcription, except for the fact that there would most likely only be two or three individuals involved and the room would be smaller.

Seminar transcription involves transcribing content from a seminar. The seminar could be academic or business oriented and could be a long monologue or include group discussions. Getting a professional and clear recording of a seminar without echos could be a challenge.

Verbatim transcription is a regular transcription that produces an output that includes all of the grunts and "ahs", and utterances in text form. Courts and boards of directors might like this type of transcription.