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  Voice Transcription

The act of converting spoken words to text. This is usually done using a tape recording in some format. Voice transcription is a common responsibility of data entry staff members.

Voice transcription is in a sense, no different than audio transcription. The data entry clerk is transcribing sound into text. There are various definitions and terms for voice transcription including conference transcription, interview transcription, meeting transcription, and seminar transcription. There are so many terms for the same basic act of typing words based on what you hear. Voice transcription can be used for medical, legal, and business transcriptions.

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There are machines that help data entry clerks with voice transcriptions. Some machines allow the operator to step on a pedal to stop a recording, unpause, or rewind. Additionally, there are many computer programs that can do voice transcription and produce a text document based on spoken words. These programs are not perfect and can not understand all accents and speech patterns, but they can do a rough job of transcribing speech.