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  Video Transcriptioning

The act of manually typing in the verbiage from a video is a form of video transcriptioning. The process is not much different than audio transcriptioning.

Video transcriptioning could also happen automatedly with a computer program that translates speech into text which is one form of audio transcriptioning. One aspect that makes video transcriptioning sophisticated is that the text or subtitles need to appear at the same time that the words are actually spoken. Television in Asian countries use a lot of subtitles due to the fact that they have many different languages and dialects. It is common in Taiwan to be in an area where three dialects are spoken, hence making it necessary to have subtitles in Chinese characters that all educated people can read. Some movies will have subtitles in two or three languages, which makes it very hard to follow, but some parts of the world like Singapore and France are very multi-lingual and multicultural.

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