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  China Outsourcing Information

Highlights of Chinese history
China is the most populated country on the face of the earth, and occupies more square miles than any other Asian country with the exception of the Siberian portion of Russia. Historically, Chinese language and culture started in a very small part of what is now Northeastern China more than three thousand years ago. It was not until about 100 BC that China occupied most of the territory that is now populated by ethnically Chinese Han people which would be China minus Tibet, Xin-Jiang, and Manchuria. The Qing dynasty marks the period in Chinese history where China controlled the largest amount of territory in its history expanding into Xin-Jian, Qing-Hai, Tibet, Mongolia, and even parts of Siberia. China has had many periods in history where it was divided such as during the Spring and Autumn period, Warring States period, and Three Kingdoms. China alternated between being united and divided in cycles. The most impressive attributes of China include their vast culture, their wealth of arts, and the government's ability to efficiently manage such a long country for so many thousands of years. Additionally, the Chinese kept very good dated records of historical events going back thousands of years. Once these documents become translated and put on the internet, the West will have a completely different view of world history since the Chinese were the most prominent seafarers three-thousand years and went everywhere in the world! We will learn facts about the Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, Egyptians, and many other ancient people's from Chinese documents that are probably currently locked up somewhere.

It was the belief of many living in capitalist countries that capitalism would triumph over communism in the end, since incentive drives people to success. China has proven us wrong, as they have proven that a hybrid communist / capitalist government that nurtures businesses and industries with incentives, support, and care, can create an economy that can dominate the world. China has also proven that a communist government is more economically viable as they have more power to control their internal finances and save billions of dollars. It is the Chinese wealth that is supporting the American national debt, as well as the debts of many other countries. But, is it the fact that they are communist that allows them to have so much economic power, or are Chinese simply talented at handling money? Many Asian cultures have the "work now, save, and enjoy in your old age" philosophy which enables them to save money, buy real estate and enjoy wealth in their old age, plus send their children and grand children to good schools.

Economic zones
Since 1980, PRC has established several economic zones in Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Shantou, Xiamen, as well as the entire island province of Hainan. Please note that these provinces are all in coastal aras of Southern China. Hong Kong was under British rule for ninety-nine years, and prospered immensely. Shenzhen and Zhuhai are just a few miles from prosperous Hong Kong. Shantou is a few hours East up the coast from Shenzhen, and Xiamen is in Fujian province a few more hours Northeast. Hainan island is a few hours West and then South from Hong Kong.

Please note that all of these economic areas are close to each other, and easily accessible by boat and highway. Additionally, Chinese from Guangdong, Fujian, Singapore, and Taiwan (the last two areas have a population who are mostly decendents of Fujianese) have a verocity for creating businesses which lends itself perfectly to the concept of free economic areas. If these same zones were somewhere in Northern China where people lack the entrepreneurial spirit, these zones would have either failed, or have been dominated by Cantonese (people from Guangdong province) who moved North with great hopes of striking it rich. The work ethic of Southern Chinese is phenominal as they will labor excess of twelve hours a day ceaselessly to make their dreams come true.

Outsourcing hubs
Recently, China has established several outsourcing hubs in China. Since outsourcing work doesn't involve shipping or transportation, these hubs are located in very out of the way urban areas such as Chengdu, Dalian, Xi-an, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. The Chinese government provides special credit, and other incentive for software and other outsourcing companies who operate in these five areas. Please note that Chengdu is located in Western China, far from shipping ports, and focusing IT business there is optimal since its so far from transportation arteries. Dalian is on the coast on a peninsula a day's drive from Beijing and Tianjin. It would be convenient for manufacturing since accessible by ship, but its also being used for software outsourcing. Shanghai is China's main business city, and you will find more technical and other large companies there, than in any other city in China. Shenzhen is directly north of Hong Kong and is one of the five economic zones in China. Shenzhen is bustling for many types of businesses, and now for outsourcing as well.

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