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  Software Information

Computer software refers to computer programs as a category as well as information or data that instructs a computer how to function. Software by nature is intangible and refers to coding, while physical computer parts are considered to be hardware.

Software Applications
Computer programmers create custom application software for their clients. Software outsourcing is a process where a client, generally in the United States or the U.K. hires a company in India to create some taylor made software solutions for their website or business. Web software often evolves over the life of the site and needs to be updated when servers change their platforms, and when sites outgrow their server's capacity or the database language's capacity.

Database Applications
Many businesses need online or offline databases to manage customer information, Certain types of databases have limited storage or search quantity limits, and need to be updated as a site grows.

Programming Languages
Programming languages are used to write the coding or syntax and language of a program. There are many different types of programming languages, and more are always evolving over time. Each different language has attributes and is easier or more robust for certain types of uses. Languages come and go, so some programs need to be converted into more modern languages as time goes on. ASP, JSP, HTML, PHP, Perl, and XML are popular web programming languages these days. C, C+, Java, C#, are commonly used for offline programming.

System Software
Operating systems govern computing resources and are used to run computers. Software outsourcing generally does not have anything to do with creating operating systems.

This is software for testing hardware or software packages. More sophisticated programming packages might require testware.

Software Outsourcing
Common uses for outsourcing software include software testing, maintenance of complicated sites and systems, web development, and other customer software applications. 123outsource.net lists many different software companies throughout the world, but primarily in India who provide a wide variety of software solutions.