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Medical Transcriptions Services
Address: 106 Udyog Vihar Phase 6, Gurgaon, Haryana, 120001 India
Contact Person: Veer Sagar
Primary Phone: +91 (98) 1010-4103
Primary Skype Phone: veersagar
Email: vsagar@selectronicindia.com
Website Address: http://www.selectronicindia.com
Languages Spoken: English
Main Specialities: Medical Transcriptions.
SELECTRONIC is a back office company which does the following
a) Medical Transcription for US customers specially family clinics
b) Legal back office
c) Management consultancy helping SME companies position themselves, manage costs and help them outsource or set up delivery arms.

Selectronic started in 1997 and was created by Veer Sagar who has 45 years of experience across the Indian Corporate landscape and is a well-known figure in the IT industry. SELECTRONIC has been widely written about internationally by international press including Time, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Far Eastern Review, The Economic Times and Business World and is recognized as one of the BPO pioneers in India.

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