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Welcome to the 123outsource.net India Medical Transcription Directory. Find a company by metro or search the entire country of India. If you manage a company that provides medical transcriptions, please contact us so that we can offer you a free or paid listing on our directory. Thank you for visiting our list of Medical Transcription companies.

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Medical Transcription Specialties
Specialties of the companies listed with us include: admission notes, back office services, business transcription, conference transcripts, dictation capture, discharge summaries, emergency room notes, legal transcription, medical coding, medical transcriptions software, and software development.

Medical Transcription Software
To find software providers for medical transcription software, please visit our home page and then visit the software section. We have several companies specializing in medical transcription software.

Medical Transcription Mumbai
We have a number of companies offering medical transcriptions in Mumbai and other parts of India. There are also companies offering medical transcriptions in Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, and Pune as well. Bangalore Medical Transcription companies represent the highest concentration of companies on our directory currently, but as time goes on, we hope to see more Chennai Medical Transcription companies since there are so many in that area.

Please let us know how the experience you had was with the various medical transcription companies in India. We need to know this information so we can improve the quality of our information.