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What is data entry?
Data entry is the act of transcribing data into another format which is generally a computer database. Forms typically transcribed include handwritten documents, spreadsheets, sequences of numbers, letters, and symbols that build a program, or simple data such as names and addresses. Some jobs specialize in data entry while other jobs involving programming or administration might have occassional data entry.

Is there much demand for data entry clerks?
The job market varies from place to place. This industry is shrinking, and the few jobs left are generally going to India or the Philippines.

What is a data entry keyer?
This is another term for a data entry clerk.

What is data mining?
Data mining is the process of extracting patterns from data and is commonly used for fraud detection, marketing, and surveillance. One example of data mining is when a computer program or human extracts email addresses from a web site.

How can I get a data entry job?
You can apply to companies that specialize in data entry for best results. Have a professional looking resume and skills that will be useful to those types of companies. Generally speaking, it helps to have excellent spelling skills and a good amount of common sense. You will be required to read hand written documents and type the information into a database. You will also be required to use an optical character scanning machine which translates handwriting into type, but a human is needed to check for errors. If you have good common sense about what information belongs where and how to catch spelling mistakes, you will be a huge asset in this industry.

Where do I find data entry jobs?
In India, there are many websites with classified ads, and newspapers too. I always recommend finding companies on the internet and getting to know them personally. Companies get many emails and faxed resumes, and those generally get thrown away. A good phone call and personal appearance goes a hundred times farther than all the faxes in the world. Remember, a picture is worth 1000 words, and a personal appearance of a nicely groomed and dressed potential staff member is worth 1000 resumes.Having the skills and experience to back up your good looks and charm is also a necessity!

What is data validation?
The process of verifying that data entered into a database is correct, and secure. Generally, a variety of check routines are used for this process. One example of data validation is a computer program that checks the formatting of phone number to make sure they have the right amount of digits.

What do data entry clerks make? / What salary does a data entry clerk earn?
Data Entry clerks can make US$10-15 per hour within the U.S., and medical transcriptions personnel can make even more although their work is more demanding.