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Esquire Group
Accounting Services
Address: 633 South 4th Street, Suite 7, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101 United States
Contact Person: Benedict Kemper
Primary Phone: +1 (480) 525-4829
Email: bendkemp88@gmail.com
Website Address: http://esquiregroup.com/
Languages Spoken: English
Main Specialities: Accounting
Esquire Group is a boutique international tax advisory firm with offices worldwide. We specialize in international taxation and serve both corporates and individuals. The firm was founded by Jimmy Sexton, a renowned international taxation expert who is quoted in multiple publications including CNN and Washington Post frequently. Esquire Group as a tax advisory firm caters to a wide array of corporates and individuals, including US businesses with foreign assets or operation, foreign businesses owned by US persons, foreign businesses investing or doing business in the US, US individuals with foreign assets or income, US individuals residing abroad and foreign individuals with US assets or income. Esquire Group offers a wide array of international services including tax consultation, expatriation, tax preparation, unreported foreign income or assets, tax problem resolution, asset protection, entity services and other tax services, all of which that include an international component in them. We have our offices worldwide in multiple time zones and employ multilingual staff for clear and hassle free communication. Our international taxation experts are enthusiastic, experienced, and use the most advanced technology to communicate with our clients. We don't outsource any of our work and ensure that the details of our clients are kept confidential and safe throughout. For more on our international tax services, visit http://esquiregroup.com/ and http://esquiregroup.com/services/
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