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Welcome to the 123outsource.net India LPO Directory. Find a list of Delhi LPO companies or LPOs in many other parts of India if you are outsourcing legal services or need an attorney in India. If you run an Indian LPO, please contact us so you can get a free or paid listing on our directory.

Thank you for visiting our list of LPO companies in India.

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The India LPO Industry
The India LPO industry is concentrated mainly in New Delhi. Delhi LPOs represent the vast majority of LPOs on our directory. India LPO companies typically offer services including: administrative law, company & corporation formation, corporate law, document drafting & preparation, immigration services, incorporation, leasee abstraction, legal research, transcription, litigation support, patent research, regulatory compliance, risk analysis, etc. It is common for India LPO companies to specialize in U.K. or U.S. regional laws so that their work can be customized to meet your local needs.

Delhi LPO
There are close to 150 Delhi LPO companies and the number looks like its growing. Although China threatens India's IT sector, and the Philippines threatens India's call center revenue, the LPO industry seems to be almost exclusive to India. If you are outsourcing legal services or need an attorney in India, a Delhi LPO, or India LPO company is a practical way to cut costs and speed up your processing time.

Attorney India
Attorney India is one of our main keywords for finding an attorney in India or an India LPO company for outsourcing legal services to. Please give us feedback on how your experience was with the various companies on this directory if you used an attorney. India offers fantastic legal services, but each company is different, so please choose your LPO carefully when outsourcing legal services to India.